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Friday fun post: what do you read when you ride transit?

Friday fun post: what do you read when you ride transit?

If you like, skip to the end of this post to take the reading on transit survey.

Last week’s poll: as of Friday, Aug 28, how many times have you been on the Canada Line?

In the poll from last week, I asked you how many times you’d been on the Canada Line as of August 28.

And out of 201 votes, the highest percentage picked “5 or more times” (39%). Two times came in second (20%) and once was third (18%), followed by three (16%) then four times (6%). Someone called “Not my real fake name” pointed out that I forgot to include zero again — and argh, I’m guilty as charged.

In the comments, we heard why everyone got on the line. Lots of people certainly were taking it just for the ride, but it is starting to become a useful link. For example, here’s Jaye Sunsurn:

I’ve taken the Canada Line more than a few times, and while the first few were for novelty reasons, I do find myself more apt to head to south Vancouver or Richmond now because of the accessibility that the Canada Line affords heading into that part of town.

Not my real fake name also had a similar tale to tell.

For me, twice for the heck of it, connecting to the M line via the 84 at Olympic Village or the 99 at Broadway City Hall instead of my usual Burrard to Brentwood via “Commercial-Broadway”. Maybe one day I’ll take the 25 from King Edward to Brentwood, but the 41 minute rush hour ride is a bit of a downer.

Also, once last weekend to attend a wedding reception near Aberdeen; that was the one trip that was not contrived, and it was great that the line was open in time to use it for “real” reasons.

Off topic, but still interesting: the comment thread discussed why the train curves at 33rd Avenue, and it is actually due to volcanic rock in Queen Elizabeth Park. Did you know it sits upon an extinct volcano? And that it was originally mined for basalt?

This week: what do you read when you ride transit?

The New York Times is currently asking people what they read on the subway, and I thought it would be fun to do the same thing here. They’re posting the answers today, but don’t look: let’s compare our results next week!

Here’s the intro from the Times article, for some inspiration:

Americans seem to be doing less recreational reading these days, spending time instead watching television, surfing the Web, sending text messages and talking on cellphones. But one place where a vibrant culture of reading remains strong — to some extent out of necessity — is the New York City subway.

So, click here to take the reading survey for Vancouver! No registration or personal info is required.

It’s just four questions and only the first is mandatory. I’ll repeat them here too if you’re curious:

1. What is your main SkyTrain line or bus route?
2. What was the last book you read on transit?
3. What was the last magazine?
4. What was the last newspaper?

Feel free to share any thoughts on transit reading in the comments. I’ll make up a fancy infographic next week once we get the results!


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