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A map of transit fare increases across Canada

A map of transit fare increases across Canada

View Canadian Transit: Fare Increases and Service Cuts in a larger map

For some Friday food for thought, here’s a map of the Canadian transit agencies with proposed or approved fare hikes for 2010. Click each marker for further information.

There’s 10 locations listed up there: Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal. Most recently this week, Toronto approved its fare increase, and I came across Moose Jaw’s fare increase.

Yes, I was inspired by the transit cuts map from Transportation for America, combined with Monday’s post linking to news of hikes in several agencies.

Feel free to let me know if changes are needed. All of it came from media reports online, so if there’s corrections or new news or spots to add, I’ll fix it up.

Edit: I’ve added in Montreal and Winnipeg now!

Edit for Dec 10, 2009: Laval, Quebec fare increases now added. (It’s getting crowded on the map around Montreal!)


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