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More bus reroutes for the Olympics start Monday, Feb 1

Here’s a note to remind you that more buses will be rerouted starting Monday, Feb. 1, owing to the upcoming Olympics.

A list of the affected routes:

  • Reroutes in Downtown Vancouver (for pedestrian corridors and venue security zones)
    5, 6, 15, N15, 17, 50, C21, 240, 241, 242, 246, 247, N6, N8, N24
  • Reroutes near the Vancouver Olympic Centre (the curling centre near King Edward Station)
  • Reroutes near UBC
    25, 33, 41, 43, 49, 480, C22
  • Reroutes near Pacific Coliseum
    16, N16, 405, C94
  • Reroutes near Surrey Celebration Site
    321, 326, 395, 502
  • Reroutes in Richmond
    405, C94

For the full details of these exact reroutes, check out the full list of Olympic service changes. All of them will be back on their regular routes by the end of February or in March sometime.

Again, here’s some handy sources for more on the Olympic travel situation:

  • – the central hub for Olympic travel info, with maps of road closures, restricted areas, and more.
  • Call our Customer Information line at 604-953-3333 if you have specific questions about TransLink services, trip planning, or reroutes. From Feb. 1-28, they will be staffed 20 hours a day, seven days a week, from 5:30 a.m. – 1:30 a.m.


  • By klparrot, January 29, 2010 @ 1:48 pm

    Just so I understand this correctly, the 5 will be running on Robson west of Burrard, even though Robson will be a pedestrian corridor west to Bute?

  • By Jhenifer Pabillano, January 29, 2010 @ 2:44 pm

    I’m getting someone to confirm this for you!

  • By Jhenifer Pabillano, January 29, 2010 @ 2:51 pm

    OK, here’s the answer.

    The best way to describe it is a with a map:

    I hope that clears it up!

  • By Eric, January 31, 2010 @ 4:29 pm

    I’m sure the 405 and C94 don’t service the Pacific Coliseum site. Removing those routes should make it less confusing for event-goers.

  • By rjones, February 1, 2010 @ 3:08 am

    the post says almost all of them will be restored in march, so which ones won’t be?

  • By Jhenifer Pabillano, February 1, 2010 @ 12:15 pm

    rjones: I guess I worded that wrong–I’ll give it an edit to make it more clear. What I meant was that some routes will be go back to their regular service and stops in February, not March, like the N24 and the North Vancouver routes. All routes will return to their regular service!

  • By rjones, February 3, 2010 @ 12:24 am

    thanks for clearing that up
    even though the temporary route change made my commute more convenient XP
    oh well, it’ll be fun while it lasts

  • By Jhenifer Pabillano, February 3, 2010 @ 9:34 am

    Well, glad it’s working for you at the moment :)

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