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Transit comic fun from Angela Melick

Transit comic fun from Angela Melick

Angela Melick's Commuterlympics comic, from her webcomic <a href=>Wasted Talent</a>!
Angela Melick's Commuterlympics comic, from her webcomic Wasted Talent!

Here’s a hilarious transit-related comic from Angela Melick‘s webcomic, Wasted Talent! She sent it along in a tweet the other day, and here’s what she says about it:

It’s the latest installment of my webcomic “Wasted Talent”. Webcomics are comics that publish online for free and can be about almost anything, but mine is silly true stories from my life. And since I live and work in Vancouver, that comic invariably features transit! I don’t own a car, so I take the train to get to work and I take the bus to get pretty much everywhere else. When I lived in North Van, I took the Seabus every day, and when I lived briefly in Mission, I took the WCE occasionally, so really there is not a single part of the system that hasn’t been a part of my life for at least awhile :) I even livetweeted my sneak-peak ride of the Canada Line (a bunch of us engineers got to ride it in June)!

This latest comic is based on the fact that the Olympic tourists are so easy to spot in train stations. The locals are ruthless about getting onto trains, but we are all a team. Everyone loves to see a successful sprint, right!?

Indeed we do! For more, do look at Wasted Talent‘s archives (it’s been around for four years now: well done!) Angela suggests three transit-related comics in particular: the Skytrain Halloween party, the Pirates on the Seabus, and the crowded B-Line, from her UBC days!


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