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TransLink’s Olympic communications centre is now open

TransLink’s Olympic communications centre is now open

TransLink's Olympic communications centre.
TransLink's Olympic communications centre. How glamorous :)

TransLink’s Olympic communications centre has started up today!

It’s a room full of TransLink staff devoted specifically to getting real-time information to the media and public about traffic conditions. (It’s different from the Transportation Management Centre, which is focused on managing and solving the traffic issues.)

A screenshot of the <a href=>Traffic and Transit Alerts map</a>.
A screenshot of the Traffic and Transit Alerts map.

During the Games, staff will be in the centre at our Metrotown offices from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. on most days. They will be updating the TransLink Twitter account with real-time transit information, and connecting with the media about transit updates.

They will also be updating the Traffic and Transit Alerts map, a Google map with real-time traffic info in the region! You’ll be able to turn layers of content on and off for 2010 Games venues, entertainment sites, Olympic Lanes, road closures, and alerts for incidents and issues. Partners like,, and the CBC will also have it on their websites too. (It’s best seen through Firefox!)

Make sure to check out all our web and mobile resources for transit info during the Games.

And here are the specific times the communication centre will be open, just in case you are curious.

– 5 am to 9 pm from February 8 to 11th
– 5 am to 1 am on February 12th
– 9 am to 1 am on the 13th and 14th,
– 5 am to 1 am from the 15th through March 1st or 2nd (the last two days to cover the post-games ‘load-out’ period).


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