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Printing issue on 2-zone FareCards

Printing issue on 2-zone FareCards

Our media relations team just sent this out — I thought you would like to know too!

A number of customers who purchase two-zone FareCards for May will notice that the Zone Designator – the small disc which needs to be removed if a customer is travelling between Zones 2 and 3 – does not scratch off cleanly.

The printing underneath the scratch surface is faint, and if scratched too hard, the card can be damaged.

The manufacturer of the FareCards alerted TransLink’s FareDealer office to the problem. Customers can be assured that the card is valid if it’s obvious that the disc has been scratched. If they scratch gently, using a penny or a nickel – something that does not have a ridge – it is more likely the disc will come off cleanly.

Front-line staff throughout the TransLink family have been notified.


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