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Friday fun post: where do you get your transit information?

Friday fun post: where do you get your transit information?

If you like, skip to the end of this post to take the poll on transit information.

From last week: do you have a favourite SkyTrain line?

Last week, I asked you what’s your favourite SkyTrain line

And after 215 votes, the most popular answer was Canada Line (46%), followed by Expo Line (30%) and Millennium Line (24%)!

However, only a few comments professed their love for the Canada Line: many more expressed improvements they wanted to see on the Line! Here’s Cliff, for example.

It really needs to be branded as two lines like the Expo and Millennium lines. Doing so would keep it consistent with the rest of the system. A “Sea Island line” and a “Richmond line” (Not enough people know what Lulu Island is).

Also, I have a similar disdain for the destination announcements on the Canada Line.

There was lots of love for the Expo Line though! Here’s Robert:

Nods to Canada Line for attention to service details, and to the Millennium Line for station architecture. Expo Line still gets my vote. On the practical level it’s well tuned for speed (Canada Line still feels tentative quite often). Combined with the short head ways and longer platforms, it’s tops for moving many people quickly. Esthetically, there are great long distance views, especially in central Burnaby and on the Skybridge.

Paul Hillsdon was in favour of the Millennium Line:

Expo is an oldie, but a goodie. Canada Line is my least favourite – the trains are incredibly sterile, and most of the route is underground. Millennium wins this round, with the most beautiful stations, scenic route, and least amount of traffic!

And zack liked all three.

Heck! all of the lines are my favourites! :)

Expo Line – Winner, because I live just blocks from the line, and easy access to Downtown.

Millennium Line – Winner for best station designs. Once you’re on the line you feel like you are in a futuristic urban wonderland!

Canada Line – Despite being mostly underground, what I like about this line compare to rest are the train rides are smooth, and there is 3g coverage! Plus, it also gives me nostalgic memories of when I was on the Yonge line in Toronto!

As always, check out the rest of the comments for more on favourite SkyTrain lines!

This week: where do you get your transit information?

Did you know that that calls volumes to our Transit Information line are down from last year? So I thought I’d run a poll to see how you might be getting your information these days. (CJ Stebbing also suggested a poll of this type before too!)

Feel free to discuss further in the comments, as always!


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