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Canada Line poll results

Canada Line poll results

Last week’s fun post asked what you thought of the Canada Line, one year on.

And after 173 votes, 92% said “Thumbs up” to the Canada Line service! 6% said “Thumbs down,” and 2% hadn’t had a chance to ride it yet.

In the comments, lots of people said they liked the line, but had a few qualms. Here’s Ed:

Overall, it is a winner in my books. Before the Canada Line was even thought of, I could not have imagined going from Richmond to downtown Vancouver in under half an hour. It is extremely convenient, especially for a student like myself. I do agree that the station layouts is a bit questionable, a 3rd car would have been nice. It can be a bit frustrating during peak hours, and 7 min waits in Richmond (14 mins at night!) is kind of irritating. Hopefully that can be solved in the near future.

And many had questions about future expansion, and wanted more investment in projects like these. Here’s Chris:

The trains are great. I like the smooth ride and the extra space for luggage and bikes. It’s amazing how quickly you can get from downtown to the airport.

I wish more money would have went into the planning and construction of the stations – the platforms are way too short and the architecture is very grey, concrete, bland. I know the government wanted to save money, but it was short-sighted.

Fair enough: this is something we do hear, and it’s definitely useful advice for future projects. Check out all the comments here!


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