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Friday fun poll: do you line up at the shelter or the actual bus stop?

Friday fun poll: do you line up at the shelter or the actual bus stop?

A lineup at Commercial-Broadway Station for the 99 B-Line. Yes, I know it doesn't have a shelter, but in its defense, it is a photo I haven't used before :)

Today’s Friday fun poll comes from dear reader Sally! Here’s her story:

I have an idea for your Friday Fun Poll since this is something I puzzle about. As you know, the bus shelter is often not at the actual bus stop. What do people do when someone is waiting in the shelter – do they line up politely behind them (even though now they are not technically at the stop), or do they just go and stand right at the stop! This seems particularly tricky at Bridgeport when older people sit on the benches and then get upset at those who line up at the stop!

A good question! So here’s the poll.

Do you line up at the bus stop or at the shelter?

  • At the bus stop (86%, 146 Votes)
  • At the shelter (14%, 23 Votes)

Total Voters: 169

Also, in case you didn’t know, at most stops in the region, TransLink only owns the sign and the pole — the shelter, the trash can, and all the rest are owned and maintained by the municipalities! So in a lot of cases we don’t really have any say about where the bus stop amenities get placed. And now that you know all this, feel free to offer your suggestions for improvement :)


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