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1986 SkyTrain photos from Alan M

1986 SkyTrain photos from Alan M

SkyTrain racing through the Expo 86 grounds. Photo by Alan M.

Note: I’m still on holiday until Tuesday, Jan. 4, 2011! This is a scheduled post. (Visit this post for a list of alternate TransLink contacts if you need it.)

In honour of SkyTrain’s 25th anniversary in December 2010/January 2011, Alan M kindly sent along some lovely photos of SkyTrain in 1986! He provided some great background on several of them so I’ve captioned them with his words—no need for me to dress them up any further :)

Alan writes: 'Car 048 has a cow-catcher across the front of the wheels. Most of the fleet had these put on after a very expensive accident with a sign post and a train. The cow catchers were all removed before the end of the first summer.' Photo by Alan M.
Alan writes: 'There was an extension of the New West inbound platform that went over the guideway to the outbound side. The trains would leave New West and switch over to the Inbound track. This view was made possible by the extended platform. The platform was removed in early 1989.' Photo by Alan M.
Alan writes: 'This little green machine was one of two block grinders that would be pulled/pushed by a train to try and smooth the track.' Photo by Alan M.
Alan writes: 'I read how some people remember the 2-car MK I trains with some affection. So I have included a few photos of them as well.' Photo by Alan M.
Another 2-car train. Photo by Alan M.
Snow! Photo by Alan M.
Nanaimo Station. Photo by Alan M.
SkyTrain at Expo 86. Photo by Alan M.
Alan writes: 'The last photo is Columbia Station (first known as 4th Street Station) under construction in the summer of 1987.' Photo by Alan M.

Thank you Alan for sharing these wonderful photo treats with us all!


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