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A couple of tiny updates to the trip planning widgets

A couple of tiny updates to the trip planning widgets

Just wanted to draw your attention to a couple of teeny (but good!) updates to the trip planning widgets!

Advanced search settings for the homepage trip planner!

The homepage trip planner now has an Advanced Search Settings dropdown menu!

Look: an “Advanced Search Settings” drop down menu has been added to the homepage trip planner! As described in our last update in December 2010, the Advanced Search Settings menu lets you pick things like “More walking” or “Wheelchair accessible stops” or “No SkyTrain” for your trip. Try it out!

The trip planner widget gets a refresh

Tiny style adjustment: both the regular and narrow versions of the embedded TP widget have been revamped to more closely match what we have on the homepage. The new changes have already taken effect everywhere the widget is installed—the code doesn’t need to be replaced.

(As you may know, we have a trip planner widget that you can embed on your own website for others to use. And YES, I asked the web team when we can get prefilled destinations in the widget, and they are apparently still working on it. More updates as I receive them!)


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