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Friday fun poll: super great days on transit

Friday fun poll: super great days on transit

These guys are having a great time on transit :)

Sometimes, you hop out the door to start your transit trip and everything seems to just line up. You grab your bus, get a seat, the bus driver is super friendly — and then you make your connection without a hitch and get to your destination early! Certainly, it’s not every day, but from experience, I do know it happens from time to time. So how often does it happen to you?

When do you find you have a great transit day?

  • Once a week (33%, 43 Votes)
  • Every day! (21%, 28 Votes)
  • Once a month (21%, 28 Votes)
  • Once every quarter (13%, 17 Votes)
  • Never :( (7%, 9 Votes)
  • Once a year (5%, 6 Votes)

Total Voters: 131

Feel free to declare your best ever transit day in the comments, too :)


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