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Friday fun & serious poll: take the 2011 Buzzer blog reader survey!

Friday fun & serious poll: take the 2011 Buzzer blog reader survey!

What a Buzzer blog reader might look like while diligently filling in our reader survey.

Okay, this is both a fun AND serious poll for this Friday! For the first time ever, I’ve put a reader survey together. We here at the Buzzer (all two of us) are dying to know more about our readers, and what you guys think of the blog so far—plus where you think we could improve for the future.

It’s only 12 questions long and we’d like as many of you to fill it out as possible, so we really get a sense of who our readership is and what you’re thinking! Even if you’re just a casual reader, please do take a few minutes and fill out the survey, and tell all your friends to as well :) Also, the survey will close on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at noon.

Important note: I’m running this survey using SurveyMonkey, which is a US-based survey tool. So please take note that by clicking on the following survey link, you give your consent that any information you provide may be stored on servers outside of Canada. (PS: none of the questions ask for emails or personally identifying info, just general age/gender stuff and readership notes.)

Take me to the 2011 Buzzer blog reader survey!


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