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Wrapup note from TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis’s ride on the system, Apr 4, 2011

Wrapup note from TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis’s ride on the system, Apr 4, 2011

As mentioned, last week TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis spent a morning on the system talking to customers and staff, just like our our COO, Doug Kelsey, did in March.

The idea behind the project is to bring our senior leaders and our customers together on the system, so that they can have face-to-face discussions about TransLink and the service we provide across the enterprise to our customers.

And as promised, here’s a wrapup note from his visit, drawn from the notes my colleagues provided about the trip!

Ian Jarvis, TransLink CEO, with two of our SkyTrain attendants!

Ian’s trip began with chatting with transit riders at Metrotown Station at 9:30 a.m. before heading out to Surrey Central Station where he transferred to a 321 to Newton Exchange. From Newton he travelled on the C75 to Scottsdale and then back to Scott Road on the 312, where he boarded the train and was back in the office for 11:30.

He was joined by Erin McConnell, manager of corporate communications, who tweeted about his progress, and Drew Snider, Public Information Officer, who passed out TravelSmart maps and Compass card goodies.

While on transit, Ian spoke to both passengers and operators – it was an opportunity to connect with and thank the frontline staff that help our customers every day. It was also a chance to surprise and delight customers, who aren’t expecting to chat with the CEO on their way to work or school.

Feedback from customers ranged from light rail rapid transit (both south of the Fraser and the UBC Line) to stroller challenges (like competing for the space with wheelchair and scooter users) and elevators. Questions were asked about the location of the Lost & Found office, frequency of service on various routes and fare evasion. Our customers sounded very happy with our transit service, and very appreciative of the handouts.

As well, about 47 tweets were received about Ian’s ridealong: many were retweets or comments about the ridealong, and there were also questions about the 502, the Compass card, and the next phase of the Surrey Rapid Transit consultation.

The next ridealong is planned for May with another of our executives — stay tuned!


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