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UBC Line phase 2 workshops and webinar – a recap

UBC Line phase 2 workshops and webinar – a recap

Now that the workshops and webinar portions of UBC Line Phase 2 have wrapped up, here’s some highlights: For those of you who are new to what’s going on with transit at UBC, our planning and infrastructure department have been working on designs for a future UBC Line and are asking for your feedback.


About 40 people tuned in to our webinar. If you missed it, I’ve attached it here for you to watch. Please note that this video only captures the hosts leading the discussion — the slide deck Jeff is showing to the audience at home, unfortunately, does not show up here. You can, however, download a PDF of the slide deck and try following along at home.

You can also check out the submitted questions that did not get answered during the webinar and the answers we put together for them later.

Alternatively, you could watch the webinar here at our provider’s website where the video and the slides are matched, but you will have to register .

Phase 2 workshops

Two workshops took place last week. Here’s what our consultation team said about them:

Workshop at Tenth Avenue Alliance Church

The last two workshops and webinar took place in the UBC Line study Phase 2 consultation last week. About 90 people attended each of these workshops with another 40 joining us online for the webinar.

We continued to receive feedback on the designs including how to reduce costs of the RRT alternative, reduce parking impacts of the street-level alternatives, and suggestions for station locations.
Participants also provided input to the evaluation, including considering the impact of all alternatives on urban development and neigbhourhood character, and ensuring the alternatives contribute to livability.

Still want to participate? You can!

Our questionnaire will be available online until April 22, 2011. Thanks for participating!


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