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Links and Tidbits for May 13, 2011

Links and Tidbits for May 13, 2011

Thanks to Timothy Choi and Scout Magazine for pointing me to the above video of a six-course meal on the NYC subway!

  • Two Canadian companies are planning on working together to make buses with Wi-Fi. They met at the Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) meeting in Vancouver!
  • Chromaroma is an automated Foursquare-like game out of using London’s Public Transportation Smart Card, the Oyster Card – Crazy!
  • One person’s opinion on the virtues of biking in New York.
  • It looks like we’re getting a little closer to a public bike system in Vancouver becoming a reality.
  • A really good read about a female CMBC mechanic!
  • The Main Street SkyTrain Station was captured in a new photo book called This Is East Van.
  • Would you like to to move closer to work but aren’t sure if you can afford it? Maybe $12 000 dollars would make things easy for you! Check out this interesting program the Washington D.C. Office of Planning is heading.
  • Have you ever wondered how to get from San Francisco to Los Angeles using only public transit?
  • Hey look, Calgary is getting on the fare card band wagon! Oh, and they’re also looking into building a gondola. There aren’t many hills in Cowtown, and the ski hill already has one, so it’s anyone’s bet where this would go.
  • There are planes, trains, and now, a plane-train! Japanese researchers are working on a plane that fits into and levitates on a track that could carry passengers at high speeds!
  • Lahore, Pakistan could soon have a monorail.
  • Angus McIntyre sent this YouTube link of a video of the last days of the reroute of the 17 Oak bus. That bus route has returned to traveling over the Cambie street bridge after it was rerouted over the Granville Street Bridge due to Canada Line construction.
  • A classic anti-graffiti video from the NYC Transit Authority cleverly titled (insert sarcasm), Don’t Do It.
  • A photo of what not to do on the bus. Thanks again Buzzer reader Tim Choi!
  • Are these subway ads too good for subways? I think not.
  • A rare and fascinating glimpse of London’s Royal Mail underground mail rail system.
  • Montreal’s ridership is way up and so many more buses on the way to meet the need.
  • A Japanese bullet train promo for the new Kyushu Shinkansen. Man those Japanese love their trains! Thanks for this one Matt!
  • Swift sent us this Popular Science article on this SkyTrain precursor, the ICTS prototype train. He’s working on models of early ICTS trains like this one and this one. We love those trains Swift!
  • If you have any items to suggest, or a photo or video to showcase on these posts, e-mail me at!


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