Sapperton/United Boulevard Phase 2 workshops – a recap

Sapperton/United Boulevard Phase 2 workshops – a recap

Phase 2 of the Sapperton/United Boulevard Extension Transportation Planning Process has wrapped up. There were two workshops that took place on April 13 and 30, 2011. Here’s what our consultation team said about them:

About 70 community members participated in each workshop, where they developed and helped review potential concepts for a future UBE. Community impacts, costs and traffic changes were noted as some of the key concerns about the concepts. For background, traffic data and statistics have been posted online, showing traffic volumes, emissions and other data, for today and in the future, and with or without a UBE.

Participants also spent time discussing local improvements to enhance the concepts and benefit the community. They came up with ideas for pedestrian and bike connections, traffic calming and noise mitigation

Feel free to check out the presentation, minutes and other material from the workshops. with the assistance of independent consultants are now going through everyone’s feedback from the workshops as they generate a recommended solution strategy. Our effort is focused on finding an agreeable solution that works as well for the community as it does for the transportation network.

To find out about the recommended solution, come out to the information meeting next week. Here’s the info:

Thursday, May 19, 2011
7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Sapperton Pensioners Hall
318 Keary Street, New Westminster

Thanks to all of you who’ve contributed to the process!