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I Love Transit Week t-shirt contest

I Love Transit Logo 2011

The I Love Transit t-shirt design!

Well, I Love Transit Week is almost here! To commemorate the occasion, I had the artist from the June Buzzer, Chris von Szombathy, draw up a new logo for the week. I think he did a great job! I’ve just put in the order to have t-shirts made with his logo.

Limited edition I Love Transit t-shirt contest

Two deserving people could win this limited edition t-shirt! I’ve received a bunch of great photos and a few stories for I Love Transit Week so far. Now I’m looking for more entries, and two of them can win this prize! Now for the rules.

Contest rules

  • Submit a story of 400 words or less about why you love transit. For example, last year we had a great story about two people who met each other on transit. If you a have story like that, you’ll for sure be in the running!
  • Submit some audio or video. If you have a song, a video or some other visual or audio submission for I love transit week, that would be fantastic!
  • Submit a drawing. Maybe you fancy yourself an artist and want to submit a photo of your velvet painting of a SeaBus. Maybe you’re an illustrator and have a drawing of a SkyTrain station. Or maybe your child is a budding Jackson Pollock, and you think his/her image best represents a love of transit.
  • Submit something I haven’t even thought of yet!

Whatever you submit, it needs to be emailed to no later than midnight on July 13, 2011. I’ll be choosing the two winner based on creativity and storytelling. The two winners will not only be mailed their t-shirt (or hand delivered at I Love Transit Night by yours truly), I’ll feature the entry on the blog post on the final day of I Love Transit Week, July 15, and possibly have the entries in the August edition of the Buzzer newsletter! Please note that already submitted I Love Transit Week submissions will also be entered into the contest. And if you’re really ambitious and creative, you can enter more than once!

I’ve seen how creative many of you have been in the past, so I’m expecting some exciting stuff! Good luck, everyone!


  • By Mary Warner, July 12, 2011 @ 10:01 am

    I love the Blue bus drivers. They smile. They call out “anyone got quarters for Loonies ” when someone needs Change for their fare. They call out the stops for bewildered tourists. They help young mothers and old ladies. They make the ride.

  • By hripsime andonian, July 13, 2011 @ 2:57 pm

    I love the transit because it allows me to read a ton of new books that I wouldn’t have had the chance or the time to read if I were driving! I love taking the transit!!!

  • By Jim, July 14, 2011 @ 11:24 am

    I love how there is no road rage when riding transit and the fact that I can listen to music while surfing the net. I also love the fact I can enjoy the great views of the region from the seat of any transit vehicle from the north shore mountains to the waters of Coal Harbour or the waters of The Fraser from Scott Road Station. I Love Transit…

  • By Jen Cheng, July 14, 2011 @ 2:00 pm

    I love transit, and I love this contest! Are Americans allowed to enter? I know we’re not as progressive as the rest of the world, but I’d like to think we’ll eventually get there!

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