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Help us beta test the first phase of TransLink’s Real-Time Transit Information

Help us beta test the first phase of TransLink’s Real-Time Transit Information

Real-Time Transit Information
A sneak peak of the new Next-Bus Real-Time service

I hinted in the Comments section of the last new mobile site post that I might have some interesting news soon. Well, here goes.

Since the blog has been such a great place for constructive comments and discussion about our future mobile site, why not get readers to provide feedback on the product itself?

The team that has been working so hard on the new mobile site would like to invite five Buzzer Blog readers to beta test the first release of the Real-Time Next-Bus portion of the mobile site.

The testing will happen on Monday, August 29th! If you have your Monday morning free (roughly between 10 a.m and 12 p.m), then you may want to think about applying to be a tester. We’ll provide transit tickets for your trip to and from your home and snacks!

How to apply to be a tester

Please send an email to the with the subject line, “I Wanna Be a Tester!” In the email, please provide your name, phone number and in 200 words or fewer why you should be chosen to be a tester. The chosen five testers will be picked by myself and members of the mobile site team based on your submission and comments made on the mobile site to date.

Those chosen will be given access to the beta of the Next Bus portion of the new mobile site and be asked to provide feedback on its functionality, design and ease-of-use. Specifics on the day will be provided when you’re contacted. Please submit your email no later than 9 p.m. on Monday, August 22.

Phase 1 of the Next Bus portion of the new mobile site is set to go live in early September. It will coincide with the introduction of the new mobile website to help customers get better transit information while they are out and about in Metro Vancouver. The feedback from the five Buzzer readers will help us with future phases of Real-Time Next-Bus and our new mobile website.

We’re really looking for constructive feedback that can help TransLink refine the product that is still in its evolutionary stages. The aim is to continually refine the mobile product and provide our users with a system that is easy to use and provides accurate information for people on the go.

The five people chosen will be notified no later than Wednesday, August 24. Thanks in advance for offering your time and feedback. Your contribution will help us make transit more accessible and relevant to more people. So, get those emails into my mailbox and have your say on how the Real-Time Next-Bus service and mobile website can be improved!


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