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The June 2012 Buzzer is out!

The June 2012 Buzzer is out!

The June 2012 Buzzer is now on board all buses, SeaBus, SkyTrain, and West Coast Express!

Most of the Buzzer is devoted to the bus service changes happening on June 25, 2012—all of the changes are online here. There are regular seasonal changes, as well as changes coming as part of the service optimization project that we talked about in 2010. (See a couple of interviews on this topic from April, and June 2011.)

And I’m pleased to share a profile of transit operator and actor B.K. Singh Rakhra, who was nominated for an award this year! Check out the print Buzzer for more info.

Again, we’re quite proud to have a cover from a local illustrator: this time it’s Jeffrey Ellis. Thanks Jeff!

If you can’t get the Buzzer on the system, you can always read it in PDF form on our website. Visit our Buzzer PDF archives, or grab this direct link to the PDF.

Remember to enter the FareCard contest too! You can win a free FareCard in every issue of the Buzzer: read the issue, then email in your info and the answer to the trivia question by Tuesday, June 26 at 9 a.m.. We’ll pick a winner from all the correct answers, and that person will be notified by phone shortly after the draw.

Enjoy the latest Buzzer as always! Comments are welcome below.


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