The August 2012 Buzzer is on the system

The August 2012 Buzzer is on the system

Summer is here and so is the summer edition of the Buzzer. Want one of your own? You can find them free of charge on buses, SkyTrain, SeaBus, West Coast Express or as a .pdf here. This month’s Buzzer is full of interesting content including some from transit users.

Half of the issue is dedicated to I Love Transit Week. It was a wonderful week this year and a fantastic I Love Transit Night 2012! We included some great photos of the night in the issue. Also included are some riders’ submissions for I Love Transit Week including some tweets that warmed this editor’s transit-minded heart.

Besides I Love Transit, the August issue also covers the serious issue of fare evasion. Starting this summer, Transit Police, Transit Security and SkyTrain attendants have started stepping up enforcement of fares. Check out the fare infractions page on the TransLink website  or this past post for more info.

Besides the usual suspects like the contest corner, back issues and coming events, we also make reference to the Managing the Transit Network series. We have one more instalment of the series coming soon.

As always, we’d love to hear what you think about the print Buzzer. Your contributions help to make the Buzzer better!