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Broadway rapid transit: the view from TransLink

Broadway rapid transit: the view from TransLink

A lineup for the 99 B-Line.

As you may know, there’s been much discussion about rapid transit along Broadway to UBC in the news today!

That’s because the City of Vancouver staff made a presentation recommending endorsing a subway out to UBC along the Broadway corridor yesterday. There’s been an ensuing discussion about what the right technology is and what UBC would also like, and that’s triggered a great number of articles like the ones here: CKWX, Globe and Mail 1, Globe and Mail 2, Vancouver Courier, Metro, Vancouver Sun, Georgia Straight, and 24 Hours. (And blog posts: Stephen Rees, Vancouver councillor Geoff Meggs.)

The view from TransLink

All this aside, from TransLink’s side, we’re well aware that rapid transit is needed on Broadway to meet their immense demand.

However, we’re also conscious that cities in Metro Vancouver are eager to make investments all across the region to help meet their transportation needs. In 2013, we’re planning to facilitate a regional dialogue to figure out those investment needs and tradeoffs. (The process will help develop the sequel to our Transport 2040 long range plan!)

And as well, we are in the process of finishing the UBC Line Rapid Transit Study, a study that identified and evaluated a range of options for rapid transit on Broadway. (We’re also finishing a simultaneous study in Surrey.)

When the studies are concluded by early 2013, we will have a better understanding of the benefits and tradeoffs of different solutions that have been evaluated and consulted on publicly. Please do look at the UBC Line Rapid Transit Study site, or the Buzzer’s past UBC Line study posts!

For those studies, both TransLink and the Province of BC have been jointly looking at the rapid transit options, in close partnership with agencies including the City of Vancouver and UBC, among others. And their perspectives will be valuable input into the coming regional dialogue about transportation investment needs.

I’ve also pasted the image below of all seven options that are being considered as part of the UBC Line Rapid Transit Study, for those interested:

The full range of options being considered for the UBC Line along the Broadway corridor.

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