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Fun poll results: 87% prefer a quiet ride on transit

Fun poll results: 87% prefer a quiet ride on transit

Inspired by a Vancouver Sun article, we asked you on Tuesday whether you liked a quiet transit ride, or wanted more interaction.

And after 167 votes, the winning answer was clear: 87% said they preferred a quiet ride!

Unlike the lament we heard in the Vancouver Sun, just 8% of you said you wanted more interaction, and 7% said “Other.”

The comments, as always, gave us insight into why quiet is preferred. Here’s Nick:

I enjoy having a quiet ride in the mornings because I’m pretty much half-asleep on my way to school (I’m sure others may feel like this, too).

I find that transit is more live with conversations with people going places in the midday and I like that chatter. I sometimes engage in some small talk with fellow passengers and that seems to brighten my day!

We also posted this question on Facebook and responses there shared the same sentiment. Here’s Angela Elizabeth:

Quiet time~~ I don’t even want to talk to my friends when I’m on transit. I need my personal time with my music to de-stress.

I’m shy in public and open places like transit, so I prefer to meet people in specific social settings like at events or a pub.

Don’t assume people are cold or rude just because they don’t want to talk to you. They are probably shy, or may even have social anxiety. Or they are just not interested in being your friend. Sometimes (often) random people who come up to you are creepy, or give off a creepy vibe.

But some did enjoy more interactions. Here’s Donald:

I typically like quiet, but someone started a game of catch with a little foam ball on the 160 bus one time and that was so fun. A dozen people were participating, myself included. :)

And ??? raised an interesting point: haven’t we always been this way?

With regards to interaction. What does it upset people when we read electronic screens, but we don’t criticize people who read books in transit? 10 years ago reading was celebrated, but today it’s a fault?

Too true! Anyway, check out our past poll post and our Facebook post for more discussion on this topic! And feel free to keep chiming in below :)


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