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We’re building a new SeaBus!

We’re building a new SeaBus!

The newest SeaBus will look a lot like the Burrard Pacific Breeze - Photo by Charlotte Boychuk.

It’s official. We’ve awarded a contract to have a second replacement SeaBus built!

Why we need a new SeaBus

The Burrard Beaver and Burrard Otter are now both over 35 years old and nearing the end of their lifespans. Back in 2010, the Burrard Pacific Breeze was put in service as our very first replacement SeaBus since we started serving the North Shore from Vancouver via the Burrard Inlet in 1977! Over these past two years, the Burrard Pacific Breeze has helped relieve some of the pressure on our two older SeaBus work horses. Both the Burrard Beaver and Otter are safe and certified by Transport Canada. However, they don’t comply with all current marine standards. Instead of retrofitting these vessels, it was determined back in 2009 that the best course of action was to have a second SeaBus built in order to keep the fleet in good working condition.

Info about the new vessel

The new vessel will be built by Damen Shipyards Group. Damen was awarded the bid as a result of a process that looked a number of factors including cost and experience. The new SeaBus will be based on the design of the Burrard Breeze, but it will be updated to improve efficiency and operations. Part of those improvements are in air quality emissions

Roll out of the new SeaBus

Fall 2014 is when we expect the new SeaBus to be in service. At that time, the plan is to retire the Burrard Otter. The Burrard Beaver will remain in service as a spare vessel since it is in better shape than the Otter and underwent a retrofit in 2011.

For more info, you’ll want to check the press release. We’re very excited about this new vessel, and I’ll be updating all of you on any major developments as we get closer to seeing the new vessel completed!


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