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The Buzzer blog is back!

The Buzzer blog is back!

We've corralled the computers and we're back on track!
We’ve corralled the computers and we’re back on track!

Woop woop—the Buzzer blog is back!

We’ve finished our (unexpected) spring cleaning from Feb 14 to today, and now we’re happy to be back delivering TransLink news and updates. Hope you didn’t miss us too badly!

Some notes on our rebirth:

  • We’ve lost all the comments dating between February 8 and 14, which I think were about 5 in total. So sorry if yours was one of them!
  • The TransLink 101 posts will continue until second week of March, as we didn’t get to post them up while the blog was down.
  • I know the Buzzer blog survey ended Feb 20 while we were down – I’m looking to see if we can get the survey up for a bit more time. Edit: we did it! The survey is now up and will close March 8, 2013, at 5 p.m.

Last but not least, we’re happy to see you all again! Chatter away in the comments as you will :)


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