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William’s Travels: William completes his trip from Vancouver to Portland and Salem, Oregon on public transit!

The Buzzer blog is documenting the travels of TransLink’s William Hui while he takes public transit from Vancouver, British Columbia to Portland, then Salem, Oregon!

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William’s journey was a success! Not only did he get to Portland via public transit, he got as far as Salem, Oregon!

As mentioned in the last update, William took the Amtrak home. He said the train ride was fun, especially since the rail line weaves back and forth with the I5, so he passed a lot of familiar places – places he had passed on his ride down on the bus.

Here's a photo of the schedules and tickets I've amassed on this trip. My bag definitely got progressively heavier as I got closer to Portland. - William

Here’s a photo of the schedules and tickets I’ve amassed on this trip. My bag definitely got progressively heavier as I got closer to Portland. – William

William’s journey on Twitter #yvrtopdx!

It’s been fantastic for people to follow William’s updates on @thebuzzer on Twitter and the #yvrtopdx hashtag. I know William appreciated the support and the enthusiasm for his passion of all things transit!




Now that he’s had a day back in Canada, I’m gathering specifics on William’s travel schedule as well as his perspectives on the trip in general to share with all of you. Stay tuned!



  • By SS, June 25, 2013 @ 5:33 pm

    I’m quite curious of what he took between Chehalis and Salmon Creek. I’ve tried to look up for a route before and I can’t find any transit connection between these cities on the Washington side, and the only link I could find is to go the looooong way from Elma:

    -(Grays Harbor #40)-> Aberdeen
    -(Pacific #14)-> Raymond
    -(Pacific #32)-> South Bend
    -(Pacific #50/#24)-> Astoria
    -(Sunset Empire #30)-> Westport
    -(CC Rider)-> St. Helens
    -(CC Rider)-> Portland

  • By Michael Ragsdale, July 4, 2013 @ 8:07 am

    Sounds like it must have been in interesting trip. I would love to have a TransLink to WTA connection at Peace Arch. I was thinking along the lines of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel Bus. Yes, I know there was a study of some kind a few years ago: whatever happened to that?

  • By Cliff, July 7, 2013 @ 6:00 pm

    I’ve often envisioned a stop at the Tourism BC siding with a button that activates via radio, a signal on King George Highway instructing the driver of the next 321 or 375 White Rock South to drive straight onto Highway 99 and use the NEXUS lane to Beach Road where it would turn around. The C51 on nearby Marine Drive, being a community shuttle, might be better suited to perform the turn around though.

    Or if traffic would be a problem, utilizing 172 Street and 0 Avenue instead with a drop off only stop at Peace Arch Park.

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