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William’s Travels: #yvrtopdx Vancouver to Portland then Salem on public transit!

William’s Travels: #yvrtopdx Vancouver to Portland then Salem on public transit!

asktranslink-william1The Buzzer blog is documenting the travels of TransLink’s William Hui while he takes public transit from Vancouver, British Columbia to Portland, then Salem, Oregon!

In case you don’t know yet, William Hui, System’s Engineer for TransLink, has embarked on a journey from Vancouver, BC to Portland Oregon and beyond all on public transit!

William has been texting the Buzzer editors with updates along the way. The latest news is that he’s in Chehalis, Washington. William still plans on reaching Portland by 6 p.m. tonight!

We’ve been tweeting his updates via the Buzzer blog Twitter handle @thebuzzer with the hashtag #yvrtopdx. It’s great to see people take part in William’s journey!

See William’s trip on Google Maps!

William sent his coordinates from Tacoma last night so we could generate this Google Map at right. “There are waypoints in the track that show where I transferred to different buses. I did, however, miss the two transfers to Sound Transit: one at Everett and the other in Seattle (510 and 590) respectively.”

View William’s Travels: Vancouver to Portland on public transit in 2013 in a larger map. William says he’ll update it shortly!

William continues his journey past Portland to Salem, Oregon!

William has decided to visit the good people at Charriots, Salem-Keizer Transit after he arrives and spends the weekend in Portland.

Yup, he’s going roughly another 75 km south on public transit! He’ll be making the trip to Salem early Monday morning.

William will be taking the Amtrak Cascades train all the way back to Vancouver arriving around 9 p.m. Monday night.

He’d take public transit all the way back, but William has to work!

What does it cost to go from Vancouver to Portland then Salem on public transit?

The cost is $27.50 to Portland and another $4.50 to Salem!

Of note is that all this time on public transit is on William’s time, not TransLink’s. William thinks of this as a transit vacation!

We’ll continue to update everyone of William’s progress to Portland and Salem via @thebuzzer and here on the blog next week.

Follow the hashtag #yvrtopdx on Twitter and join in the conversation! William is even taking the odd the question when he has time.


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