Day #10 of Compass Beta testing

Day #10 of Compass Beta testing


Some testing of the Compass vending machines done on Monday
Some testing of the Compass vending machines done on Monday

Cards in use: 9,380
Total taps to-date: 309,000+
Total unique journeys to-date: 93,000

One of the concerns we’ve heard from some Beta testers is that the tapping response time on some of the buses is not as fast as expected. That’s great feedback, and we wanted to let you know we’re investigating it.

To investigate thoroughly, our system supplier, Cubic, is working with the support of our project team to observe, measure and report on response time. Some of you have provided really specific feedback, including bus number and times—fabulous! This kind of detail really helps us narrow down things down a bit. For instance, is it only on some buses? Some routes? Some times? When you tap a certain way?

By gathering as much information from the field as we can, we’re better able to refine the system and try to resolve some of the things you’ve told us about. And that’s exactly why we’re having a Beta test: to get that valuable feedback. The Beta test is a great opportunity for us to better understand what you’re experiencing as you use the system at the stage it’s at now.

After all, it’s one thing to test the system in the lab, it’s another thing to test it in the actual environment with real customers.

Tester tip: When you’re tapping in, you don’t need to wait for the screen to clear after the person in front of you taps before you tap your own.

Did you know? TransLink held a naming contest in 2010 and received over 56,000 entries! We narrowed those down to three names: Tpass, Compass and Starfish, and then asked the public to vote for the name they preferred. Compass came out on top, chosen by over 40% of the voters.