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Day #9 of Compass Beta Testing


Instead of using my phone case to carry my card, I found this one!

Instead of using my phone case to carry my card, I found this one!

We’re at the half-way point of Beta testing and have registered over 250,000 taps across 60,000 unique journeys! That’s fantastic!

With all that tapping going on, we’re hearing reports that some Beta testers have run out of Stored Value.

In the Compass world, Stored Value is a way of loading cash onto your card. You can then use this value to get up to a 14% discount off the cash fare when you use transit. It’s especially useful if you’re an occasional transit user. It’s also handy because it can automatically act as AddFare if you have a monthly pass, but sometimes travel outside your usual number of zones.

Some testers who use transit several times a day have told us they’re surprised at how quickly they went through their Stored Value. These testers were randomly chosen to have Stored Value on their cards for testing purposes. However, if they were actually purchasing fare products for themselves, they would likely load their cards with DayPasses or Monthly passes instead. And, they might also choose to use AutoLoad to make sure they never run out of value or end up without a monthly pass on their card.

Keep your eyes peeled as you use transit this week. A few of us will be doing small group testing at Compass Vending Machines in select stations. If you see us, please be sure to stop by and say hi!

Did you know? At locations where multi-door bus loading is currently allowed, you can continue to get on at all the doors with your Compass Card. For your convenience, the Validators at the back doors can be used to tap in or tap out.



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