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Day #18 of Compass Beta testing

Day #18 of Compass Beta testing

Compass_Beta_Test_Blog_Banner_Sep_2013Whoa! We’ve reached over half a million taps! Way to go, Beta testers.

There are only a few days left to go, so please keep on tapping!

A faregate test
A faregate test

What’s going to happen in the next few days?

The last day of the Beta Test is Tuesday, October 1. If you have a Monthly Pass on your test card, you’ve probably noticed that it says it expires on September 30. In this case, any Stored Value you have remaining on your card will be used on October 1 instead. Let us know if you notice anything different when you tap in or tap out over the next few days and what you think. Be sure to keep logging your feedback on the Compass Beta test website.

However, for some of you, we’ve programmed your card to AutoLoad another pass so we can observe new passes being applied. You’ll have to tap on October 1 to find out what’s on your card!

Near the end of October, everyone’s test card will be deactivated as we “reset” the system in preparation for the start of transition. Hold onto your card as a keepsake that you were one of the first to use Vancouver’s new transit system.


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