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Introducing Angela!

Introducing Angela!

Introducing Angela Blog Post
Happy to be joining the team.

Pssst, Buzzer Readers….pssst, over here! My name is Angela Salehi, and I am so pleased to be meeting you as a new member of the communications team at TransLink. One of my many roles is contributing posts to this awesome blog. I invite you to share your comments and ideas so that I can cover the issues you are interested in.

Below are five interesting (totally subjective) factoids which will close the gap on our long distance relationship and save you time googling me on social media.

  • The tip of my left ring finger has been numb since 1999.
  • I went on my first yoga retreat in September on Salt Spring Island.
  • The book Love You Forever by Robert Munsch makes me cry each time I read it.
  • My kryptonite is a COBS cinnamon bun.

One more insight: This summer I took my five-year old on the Skytrain for the first time. We were headed towards Science World and the look of pure wonder and thrill on her face is burned in my memory. I hope to uncover and nourish this level of joy for transit in Metro Vancouver and I’m excited to be at TransLink.

Author: Angela Salehi


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