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Tap in like a pro

Tap in like a pro


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Just a few weeks into our first customers using Compass, and our Compass Card readers have already registered thousands of transactions through our system!

“Tap in and tap out” is a bit of a mantra for us here on the Compass project, but if you’re using a Compass Card for the first time, you might be wondering what exactly that means.

Is it like a secret handshake? Can you swipe it through a slot? Insert like a credit card? Swoop in and out as fast as possible? Close your eyes and tap your heels together three times? Nope, not quite.

How to tap in (and out!)

Hold your Compass Card (or Ticket) flat against the card reader, fare gate or station validator until it beeps or until the fare gates open (once we close them later in 2014, that is). The screen display should also change and give you a message.

First time?

The first time you use your new Compass Card, you’ll need to hold your card on the reader just a smidge longer (think “one-one thousand, two-one-thousand”) until the screen says “Card updated.” This gives the system time to recognize that the pass is loaded on the card and ready for use.

If you try to remove your Card too quickly, you’ll get a red X indicating that it didn’t load properly. Simply try again—this time for a bit longer—and it should load just fine.

Once the Card is loaded, your taps after that will be much faster and smoother. Before you know it, you’ll be tap, tap, tapping along like a pro!

What’s next?

Right now, BC Bus Pass holders and TransLink and operating company employees are tapping in and out on the system. CNIB customers will be coming online in the next few weeks as well and by the end of January, we’ll have about 80,000 people using Compass.

We’ll be rolling Compass out to all our customers in phases over the coming months, with West Coast Express expected this spring, and most remaining customers this summer. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months about how and when to get and use your Compass Card.

Before you know it, everyone will be tapping in and tapping out of our system and taking advantage of the flexibility and convenience of Compass and features like Balance Protection and AutoLoad with registered cards.

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