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Olympic Memories: #2010olympiclove

Olympic Memories: #2010olympiclove



Sergio from Coast Mountain Bus Company in the 2010 Winter Olympic torch relay!
Sergio from Coast Mountain Bus Company in the 2010 Winter Olympic torch relay!

Tomorrow, the opening ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games will be held in Sochi, Russia. When a huge sporting event like this happens, it’s hard not to think back four years when we welcomed the world to Greater Vancouver and Whistler for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games!

For those of us who were here for the 2010 games, this is not only a time to enjoy Winter sport again, it’s a time to remember those 17 days four years ago that made such an impression on so many of us. Looking back through the Olympic and Paralympics Buzzer blog posts from 2010, it’s clear to see that transit played a huge role in moving the large volumes of people who came to Greater Vancouver to take part in all the activities. In fact, we moved over 1.6 million people a day during the first week of the games!

Our Memories

During the duration of these 2014 Winter Olympics (February 7 – 23), we’ll be going back to February 2010 in our collective memories to revisit all the excitement that was our games. This will include impressions from TransLink and operating company staff about their experiences. And I hope, this will include your memories of the games and transit.


We weren’t at the Olympics ourselves. So many of you shot some great photos during the games and we want to share your love of the Olympics with a contest!

Before you enter, please read the contest rules and conditions.

We’re giving away a FareCard for one lucky person who tweets, posts or emails us a photo that falls within these guidelines:

  • A photo of a 2010 Winter Olympic games memory
  • A comment accompanying the image explaining the image
  • Your photo must be submitted no later than February 23, 2013 at midnight.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Email your photo with “#2010olympiclove” (it is almost Valentine’s Day after all) in the subject line.
  • Tweet your photo to @TransLink with the hashtag #2010olympiclove.
  • Post your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #2010olympiclove. Our Instagram page is TransLinkBC
  • Post your photo at with the hashtag #2010olympiclove.

 Photos may be used in the print Buzzer, the Buzzer blog, tweeted by @TransLink and posted on the TransLink Facebook and Instagram page.

Share your Olympic love!





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