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#WhatsTheLink: There are 200,000 crossings each day on TransLink bridges

The Canada Line bike bridge is one as well!

Riders using the Canada Line bike and pedestrian bridge

What is TransLink? Not only are we responsible for transit, but we are also responsible for roads, bridges, cycling and walking paths.

We told you last week that TransLink manages the Major Road Network (MRN) and 2,300 lane kilometres of roads.

This week, we’re here to share another fact with you!

TransLink owns and maintains five bridges: Knight StreetPattulloGolden Ears, and Westham Island bridges as well as the Canada Line bike and pedestrian bridge.

Did you know that there are 200,000 crossings by trucks, cars, and buses over these bridges each day? In addition to these motor vehicles over the Fraser River, roughly 100,000 crossings a year happen by bike on the Canada Line bike and pedestrian bridge.

Miss 604: The Canada Line Pedestrian-Bicycle Bridge







Robert Willis, editor of the Buzzer, had used all but the Canada Line Pedestrian-Bicycle Bridge before, so he decided pay it a visit to learn more about it.

There he met three cycling commuters. 

Josef has been riding across the bridge nearly every day since it opened to get to work.

Karen just started taking the bridge more frequently after starting a new job in Richmond. A fair-weather cyclist, she drives over the Oak Street Bridge when the rain pours but prefers cycling to driving,

Heiror was leisurely riding and taking photos along the bridge while he was making his way to his first day interning at a Vancouver studio.

Vancouver Observer: Westham Island Bridge, star of the big and small screen

Westham Island Bridge

Westham Island Bridge

One of TransLink’s bridges is pretty famous — Hollywood famous.

Westham Island Bridge has been featured on a number of television shows and movies.

One episode of the A&E series Bates Motel involved an actress standing on the edge of the bridge (wearing a safety harness of course) and jumping from the bridge into the water. The short-lived TV series John Doe, a Jello ad and a collection of car commercials also feature the rustic bridge in recent years.

The film Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief used the bridge as well. The cult TV series X-Files used the bridge in a least two episodes. We’ve been told the bridge offers a pleasant, old and simple look that’s sought after.

When it’s not starring on the big screen, it’s a vital link connecting Westham Island with Ladner and the Municipality of Delta. It is one of the few remaining bridges containing wood components in Metro Vancouver—the bridge is comprised of thirty timber spans.

Vancity Buzz: The Knight Street Bridge, 40 Years of Transportation and Community







The Knight Street Bridge opened in 1974 to replace the Fraser Street Bridge, which had become obsolete.

In forty years, the bridge has become a heavily used route for both commuters and businesses. It provides a vital link between Richmond and Vancouver.

David is the President of Harbour Link Container Services INC. He says Knight Street, including the Knight Street Bridge, is an important part of his business. He says, “It’s the main artery from the Downtown Vancouver terminals to industry in Richmond North and South as well as the Tilbury Industrial area out to Delta Port.”

Katie works at Our Town Café says the Knight Street Bridge connects them to Richmond and Vancouver International Airport.

Marjorie says the Knight Street Bridge is a regular fixture in her life. She says she uses the Knight Street Bridge to and from Richmond to buy vegetables like onions, green chilies and tomatoes for the restaurant.

Storify: #WhatsTheLink: Bridges

Check out our Storify summary!

Check out our Storify summary!

In addition to the stories, we ran a matching game on our Instagram page asking if you knew “what the link” was between two different sights.

Pictures we uploaded include the River Rock Casino in Richmond, the Langara Golf Course in Vancouver, and the International Summer Night Market in Richmond.

Check out our Storify to see all the images and answers from the game!

Author: Allen Tung

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  • By ???, May 17, 2014 @ 9:59 am

    Any chance we can get webcams on the Knight bridge? It would greatly help drivers, transit and emergency services for incident planning.

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