Buzzer illustrator interview: Chris von Szombathy

Buzzer illustrator interview: Chris von Szombathy

Chris and his bendy bus!
Chris and his #WhatsTheLink bendy bus!

I finally got around to interviewing the crazy talented illustrator of the May 2014 Buzzer, Chris von Szombathy. This is the second print Buzzer we’ve had the privilege of having Chris illustrate. The first was our June 2011 issue of the Buzzer. You may also remember Chris’ excellent 2011 I Love Transit t-shirt design. And now this great illustration depicting the #WhatsTheLink series!

We love Chris’ third take on a bus. What can’t he do with a bus anyway? Here are Chris’ answers to my questions about his work and himself:

1. Who is Chris von Szombathy?

I’m a visual/audio artist and designer living in Vancouver.

2. This is the second time you’ve drawn a bus for the print Buzzer. What’s with you and buses?

I love trying to take objects that are mechanical or complex and attempting to distill them down to just the visual elements that make them recognizable. Satisfying. I’ll probably do a third if you ask me to.

3. How does this illustration compare to your first illustration for the Buzzer?

This one was much harder. The first illustration was depicting an occasion, which is much easier to do. This assignment was a bit more abstract.

4. Do you take transit? If so, what’s your favourite mode?

I do take transit, and my favourite is definitely the SkyTrain. Expo 86! Futuristic!

5. What’s your favourite colour and why?

Right now pinkish grey. I find it comforting and still forward thinking.

6. Peer into your crystal ball, and tell us what you see for yourself in the future.

If I’m lucky, more of the same.

Well, all I can say is that I’m looking forward to his next bus!