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Links and Tidbits – February 1, 2015

Links and Tidbits – February 1, 2015

Links and tidbits is our semi-regular roundup of interesting fodder about transportation from the last few weeks or so. If you have links to contribute, put them in the comments, or email us.

Super dog in Seattle! Read about it here.

»  The hashtag #illridewithyou started to trend after the Sydney hostage incident. The hashtag is to show solidarity with Muslims who commute.

»  Shannon Chadwick shared this very festive addition to Port Moody on Twitter.

»  Laura spotted the big man in red on the 99!

»  King County in Washington takes a look at public transit by the numbers.

»  Some of these vintage subway etiquette posters are still useful today. Others, not so much!

»  Yes, please! UBC’s Sauder School of Business student Varun Banthia blogs about a study of Metro Vancouver’s politeness on public transit. Thank you!

»  No messing about! New York City’s MTA launches a new courtesy campaign for riders and “manspreaders.”

»  Two New Yorkers donning bodysuits hilariously recreate the very same MTA ads.

»  Bradley Cooper takes the subway! *swoon* The actor says it’s the best way to get around the city.

»  Thanks to reader ;-) for sharing these great pictures of what happens to retired NYC subways cars.

»  Commuters to the rescue! Riders of a Transperth in Perth, Australia came to the aid of a man trapped between the platform and train car.

Is it chilly in here or is it just the fact that pants are absent? Vancouver Improv Anywhere organized the very successful No Pants SkyTrain Ride Vancouver 2015 organized by Vancouver Improv anywhere. Cheeky! ;-)

»  The future is now! Creator of the Hyperloop idea (and Tesla Motors CEO) Elon Musk says a test track will be built “soon” and the Texas is likely to be the location.

»  Find places to eat along the SkyTrain Expo Line. Nom nom nom!

»  Transit ticket machines and touchscreens can be… well, touchy, for those trying to avoid germs. Here’s a guide to help!

»  Check out the BBC’s piece on proposed bus bike racks in the UK and how they have worked for us here in Metro Vancouver. The interview starts at 46:52 and goes to 53:00.

»  Check out this picture from @tsyori and re-posted on our Instagram page. I guess The Executor is in the shop!

Author: Adrienne Coling


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