Songs on SkyTrain

Songs on SkyTrain
A few weeks ago outfitted in bright yellow tees, toothy grins and great attitudes, Coquitlam’s Music for Young Children (MYC) troupe from Place des Arts took to the SkyTrain.

Why? To sing of course!

And not just to commemorate this program’s 35th anniversary, which is wonderful thing to celebrate!

The children along with their teacher Cindy Sletmoen and several parents, were out to raise money for sick kids at the BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver.

Their original goal with their “Practice Makes Cents” campaign was $10, 000 by May.

Then they upped it to $20, 000 just to challenge themselves.

Did they meet that goal? I’d say so!

The final count won’t be done until May 1st but right now they’re sitting at $37,143$50,859.

They’re adorable, they’re children helping children and they sound great. Enough said.

Take a look at photos from their musical SkyTrain adventure!

Author: Adrienne Coling