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Jane’s Walk 2015 – See what your community has to offer!

Jane’s Walk 2015 – See what your community has to offer!

Jane's WalkI posted about Jane’s Walk a little while ago. Don’t remember? Here’s a refresher!

On May 1st to 3rd you can participate in a free Jane’s Walk in the area you live, work or play and discuss what matters to you!

Jane’s Walk helps knit people into strong and resourceful communities.

The festival is inspired by urbanist and author Jane Jacobs – who would be 99 years old this Monday.

She believed in walkable neighbourhoods, urban literacy, and cities planned by and for the people.

Although she was never formally trained as a planner, she wrote one of the most influential books on city planning, The Death and Life of Great American Cities.

There are over 100 cities worldwide hosting their own walks!

So, here’s the NEW news, the following mayors have also agreed to step it up a notch by leading their own Jane’s Walks:

Some Metro Vancouver Councillors have stepped up to the challenge as well:

And more!

  • Former Vancouver City Councillor and SFU City Program Director Gordon Price
  • Former Co-Director of Planning for City of Vancouver Larry Beasley
  • Former Vancouver City Councillor and social activist Ellen Woodsworth

There are so many amazing stories to hear and places to see during this festival.

I encourage you to check out Jane’s Walk, choose your city and pick a walk that’s right for you!

Keep an eye out on social media for some of these hashtags: #janeswalk #janeswalkmetrovancouver #TravelSmart

Get more information at and

Author: Adrienne Coling


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