Transit in the News – May 1

Transit in the News – May 1

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Winnipeg Transit bus service may be delayed by union work action.

Transport minister says no bus workers in Ireland will face forced transfer.

Calgary beings crackdown on costly bus shelter vandals.

MTA fares could increase by 15 per cent due to budget gap.

BC privacy watchdog alarmed by surveillance cameras in Victoria buses.

York Region bus riders welcome new transit funding in Provincial budget.

Baltimore subway stations close amid riots.

Man accused in sexual assaults on transit allowed back on buses in Vancouver.

Chicago subway crash prompts recommendations for braking and scheduling changes.

Gun arrests on NYC subway system up 42 per cent this past year.

Beijing follows lead in guide dogs on subway.

Driverless metro rail proposed for Bhopal.

Ottawa begins second phase of LRT in West end, bus detours to follow.

MTA to ban political ads on subways and buses.

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Author: Adrienne Coling