International Bus Benchmarking Group looks at CMBC!

International Bus Benchmarking Group looks at CMBC!

Did you know that CMBC is a member of the International Bus Benchmarking Group (IBBG)?

Joining 14 other bus organizations from cities around the world such Paris, Barcelona and Dublin, being an IBBG member helps us understand how our bus performance and operations stack up globally.

As a part of the group we are given an inside look at global industry trends that help us ensure we have the best practices in place in Metro Vancouver. To check out what IBBG is all about you can watch this informational video (note: the video is six years old, so a little dated) or visit their website. 

This morning we were lucky enough to attend a presentation led by the Associate Director of the Bus Benchmarking, Mark Trompet. Sharing data collected from bus organizations worldwide, Mark gave us an overview of key performance indicators measured by IBBG and how Metro Vancouver’s bus network compares to other systems.

Catching up with Mark, we did a quick interview about his work at IBBG and CMBC’s performance. Enjoy!

Author: Laura Tennant