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Fun Poll Results! 27 percent of you use your smartphone to catch up on your messages!

Smartphone poll resultsA number of weeks ago we asked how you use your smartphone on transit.

Well, the results are in! Of the 97 votes we received, 57 (27.4%) of you said you use your smartphone to catch up on texts, emails and other messages.

A close second was reading, with 24% of you reporting that you use your phone to read news, articles and blogs.

A couple of you left comments on the blog saying you use your smartphone to check transit information!

Ric told us he uses his phone for various tasks including checking the bus schedules.

 “While on transit, with my smartphone I mainly listen to music, go on social media, or check transit apps to see when my next connecting bus will be arriving if I need to make a transfer.”

Thanks to everyone who let us know how they use their smartphone on transit!

Didn’t get a chance to vote in the poll? It’s not too late! Let us know in the comments section.

Author: Laura Tennant

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