I Love Transit 2015 contest winners

I Love Transit 2015 contest winners


Congratulations to our winners!
Congratulations to our colouring contest winners!

We received so many great submissions for our I Love Transit contests across our social channels.

Our big winner for the “#ILoveTransit because…” contest is Kevin (@KevKevs)!

Kevin Kevins I Love Transit 2015 winner TwitterSubmitted via Twitter, Kevin is all about the stress-free transit life!

Kevin is going home with a super awesome prize pack of great transit swag including a monthly FareCard.

The fabulous Vancouver blogger, Miss604 was also in on the I Love Transit fun.

The winner from her contest is Jenny Chung!

We had over 100 entries for our Buzzer colouring contest with ages ranging from 3 all the way up to people in their 60s!

There are some really imaginative and talented artists/transit lovers out there!

A draw was held for both the under 15 group and the over 15 group.

For the kids contest, nine-year-old Lucy came out on top!

Lucy - 9

Lucy says she loves transit because “it’s very clean and fast. It’s not too expensive. The transit takes me to where I want to go. I *heart* transit!”

In the adult category, our winning submission was from Anh, age 20.

Anh - 20
Anh says she “loves transit so much and that it is a wonderful way to travel.”

Thank you to EVERYONE who participated! It was wonderful to see your creativity and learn why you love transit.

Stay tuned for a full wrap-up of all of our I Love Transit adventures!

Author: Adrienne Coling