I Love Transit Week wraps up! Let us count the ways you Love Transit…

I Love Transit Week wraps up! Let us count the ways you Love Transit…


Buzzer coloured by Magda Skrypichayko

It’s hard to believe I Love Transit Week has already come and gone!

The week was full of everything we love about transit, we took adult campers and kid campers to our transit facilities, held contests and had special blog content dedicate to transit love! To properly send off this year’s I Love Transit Week, why not take a look at a few of the highlights that made the week so special?

You sent us beautiful colouring contest entries!

Since the I Love Transit print Buzzer hit the system the most beautiful colouring contest entries have been finding their way to us. Below are just some of wonderful work that we received!

You told us why you loved transit!

Along with sending us colouring contest entries, you also filled us in on the many reasons you love transit.

Here’s what a few adults had to say:

“It encourages people to walk more and it’s economical, affordable and convenient. It helps lessen traffic congestion and the amount of people that use gasoline. It’s also a great way to meet new friends!” -Sally Habacon

“It’s always there when I need it, like a close friend” – Paul Petersen

“It’s a safe, economical and relaxing way to get around this big beautiful city of Vancouver!” – Sue de Leeuw

Our younger riders also chimed in:

“I think that a city cannot be a city without it. – Manveen Cheema, age 12

“I love pretending to drive the SkyTrain”- Leonardo Dell Isola, age 6

“When I’m on the SkyTrain I can see the whole world” -Cadence Holmes, age 5

Thanks to everyone who made I Love Transit such a great week!

Author: Laura Tennant