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Update on the Downtown Bus Service Review

TransLink and the City of Vancouver have partnered to develop a shared vision for the downtown bus network

TransLink and the City of Vancouver have partnered to develop a shared vision for the downtown bus network

Final recommendations resulting from the Downtown Bus Service Review are now live! How did we get here?

First, we identified a long-term vision:

The downtown bus network effectively and reliably connects downtown neighbourhoods and enables convenient transit connections to the broader city and region. The downtown transit network is consistent and easy to understand, with clear communication of temporary detours associated with road closures and special events.

Second, we listened to you and developed a list of priorities to guide how we achieve the network vision for the local bus network in downtown Vancouver. In the next one-to-five years we plan to do work in two focus areas:

Immediate: implement over the next one-to-two years

  • Extend the 6 Davie/Downtown to connect the West End, Yaletown and Gastown.
  • Consolidate the C23 Davie/Main and C21 Yaletown/Beach services.
  • Determine route for the 5 Robson/Downtown to improve consistency and reliability, based on an expected City of Vancouver decision regarding frequency and duration of road closures of the 800-block of Robson Street.

Near-term: complete once funding becomes available or in some cases conduct further analysis.

  • Simplify city-wide/regional transit services (3, 4, 7, 8, 200s) on eastern corridors.
  • Review design of the 17 Oak/Downtown following implementation of changes to the 5 Robson and 6 Davie.
  • Improve service reliability and customer experience.

Stay tuned for consultation opportunities in the future where you’ll have another chance to weigh-in on these recommendations!

Anyone who missed our earlier posts on this process can read more about it (1), (2) and (3). Thanks!

Author: Angela Salehi

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  • By Jordan, September 23, 2015 @ 8:57 am

    Awesome to finally see the results of three years of work! Overall, I’m happy the 6 will be extended to Yaletown-Roundhouse. Concept A2(b) (or Package 3, whatever it’s called) seems like a good route. Although, I do wish the 5/6 terminus would be pushed further east into Gastown.

    Ultimately, I’d like to see the 3/8 truncated somewhere around Main and Alexander with a layover point. The current route (with no Downtown timing point) creates horrible bus bunching, and there is no need for so much capacity on that section of either the 3 or 8. If the 5/6 continued to Main/Hasting/Pender, there really won’t be any loss in service either.

    Anyways, the consolidation of Eastern corridor routes to Hastings and 3/8/19 to Pender seems like a small improvement for the time being, although that can’t be for another 10 months when the Pender water main construction will be finished.

    Any idea when the trolley extension for the 6 might start construction?

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