Transit poetry – The Community of the Bus

Transit poetry – The Community of the Bus

wordcloudEvery now and then, the creativity of our riders morphs into songs, stories, art and even poetry.

This offering of verses is from one of our very own TransLink bus riders!

Graham McGarva is the founder of local architecture firm VIA, an amateur poet and transit enthusiast. You can check out some more of his work here.

This piece is not only written about the bus but was actually written on a bus.

Take a look!

The community of the bus

The community of the bus

Increasingly draws me in

My compass taking a new direction

Among pleases and thankyou’s

And jokey comments

That belong not to legions

Of loser cruisers on the highway

But to us for whom this is ours

This shared space

With never enough seats

Just like the rent will never

Be low enough

But somehow we find homes

On streets with good vibes

And headphones to mute

Unwanted discourse

Usually younger than I

Many thank the driver

For stopping and for caring

As he does his job

And we go between our jobs

And we all brake and accelerate

And turn corners in harmony

With the sunset

As we share it together

So thank you for all of that

And for not making me drive

Home alone

Back row #14 bus
West Cordova to Granville Loops
Wednesday 30th September 2015

Thank you for sending your poetry our way, Graham!

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Author: Adrienne Coling