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Testing all gates closed at Sperling-Burnaby Lake Station today

All gates closed at Sperling today!

All gates closed at Sperling today!

Another day, another all gates closed test. Yesterday we were testing having all fare gates closed at Edmonds Station. Today is Sperling-Burnaby Lake Station’s turn.

Like yesterday, we’re testing out having all the gates closed at one station. Reports from the Edmonds test were great with many people using Compass fare products and others being exposed to it and learning how to use Compass tickets.

We will have SkyTrain Attendants, Customer Service Attendants and supervisors on both sides of the fare gates to make sure everyone is able to get through. If you show up to the fare gates using old fare media (FareSavers or bus tickets), staff will replace it with a Compass Ticket.

As noted previously, we’re planning more tests like today’s in the near future. We’ll keep you posted of those on the blog!

UPDATE: We’ll be testing all gates closed at Nanaimo Station tomorrow!

Have you been through fare gates that are all closed yet? If so, let us know your thoughts.


  • By Graham, February 4, 2016 @ 11:43 pm

    Haven’t been to any station that’s had all gates closed yet, but I’ve purposely sought out going through a closed gate at every station I have gone to since gradual closures were implemented late last year. No complaints at all.

  • By David M, February 6, 2016 @ 10:14 pm

    I’ll be visiting Vancouver soon, so I bought my Compass Card on-line. It made me wonder though why they’ve made it so confusing for the public. I can have stored value and a pass on the card, but the pass will be used first. So if I load a pass, I can’t use stored value. This seems overlay complicated and annoying for the public. Why make the customer have to decide if they need to load a pass or not, or to carry two compass cards.

    My suggestion is to eliminate passes. And instead, set a daily and monthly cap on how much you’ll be charged using the stored value. This is how it works in London, England, and it is much simpler and fair. The system can surely calculate the use and when it hits $9.75 it doesn’t deduct anymore. On monthly basis it would cap at $91 for bus strips and one-zone skytrain, $120 for two zone skytrain and seabus, and $170 for 3 zone skytrain.

    Then you don’t need a pass. Just load the value on your card and use it, knowing it will cap at the pass amounts. simple. Easier. Make the system do the work, not the customer.

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