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TransLink staff helps reunite owner and iPad

Lorraine Johnson

Lorraine Johnson

Lorraine Johnson was having a hectic day a few weeks ago.

Among other things, she was in the midst of buying a new condo with a lot of details to be sorted out.

She was preoccupied with it all. So, perhaps it was no surprise that the Coquitlam woman forgot something on the bus as she was heading to the airport to catch a flight to Qualicum for the weekend.

After leaving Coquitlam, she caught a connecting bus at Metrotown to Richmond.

But when she got off the bus in Richmond, she had her carry-on bag with her but the tote bag she usually looped around the handle was gone.

“I looked at the suitcase, and no tote bag and the bus was pulling away and I thought… oh no… and not being able to do anything about it,” Lorraine said.

The tote had a number of things of importance, most notably her iPad. Lorraine walked up to where another bus was waiting to ask for help, and spoke to Nigel Clare.

“He talked me off the cliff,” she says with a laugh. “I didn’t know the specific bus number, but I told him the route number and the time we left Metrotown. He took my number and my name. He also gave me a transfer and underlined the Lost & Found number on the back.”

She took a cab to the airport because she was running late and when she arrived at the South Terminal she got a phone call from a Transit Supervisor, saying “we have your bag.”

“I said ‘I’m considering having a heart attack,’” Lorraine recalls. “He said ‘please don’t do that!’”

Nigel Clare

Nigel Clare, CMBC bus operator

She was even more surprised when he said he’d be able to bring the bag out to her personally. Her flight was leaving soon and she was anxious he wouldn’t make it in time.

But shortly after, he arrived with the bag. Lorraine showed him her ID and described in a little more detail what was in the bag – including the yogurt, cheese stick and apple – before he handed it over.

Lorraine says she’s quick to offer feedback, including when service isn’t up to standard. However, in this case, she felt everyone from the bus driver to the Lost & Found staff to the Transit Supervisor offered service that was “over and above expectations.”

“I had dinner with six friends that night and told them ‘I have a great story to share!’”

And we appreciate Lorraine sharing her story with us.

Lose something on transit? Fear not!
Contact the Lost Property Office to see if your item has been collected.

Author: Chris Bryan


  • By Zain, February 17, 2016 @ 9:27 am

    Well done! Thanks to hundreds of Translink employees moving thousands of people around Metro Vancouver everyday.

  • By Ric, February 17, 2016 @ 1:09 pm

    Not sure everything gets turned in though. I lost my iPhone charger (both the power adaptor and cord) on the 403 last year and I went to the lost property office 3 times hoping it was turned in and it was never found. Had to end up buying a new charger. Not sure what happened there, but 1 thing is for sure. Not everything will show up at the lost property office

  • By Sheba, February 17, 2016 @ 7:31 pm

    Many years ago I had a roommate going to college who could be quite absentminded. One day I answered the phone and it was lost property calling to say they had her bag and I started laughing and asked if we could make an account for her (this was far from the first time they’d called… ). I went to lost property – I wasn’t sure which bag it was but I could list off her full name, DOB, address and take a pretty good guess what she had on her, so they released it to me. She didn’t even know she’d lost it until she got home later and I presented it to her.

  • By Robert Willis - Buzzer Editor, February 24, 2016 @ 10:33 am

    Ric: It’s true. If another riders picks up your item there’s not much a bus operator can do. Operators try their best to do a sweep of the bus when they can. If they are too busy during their shift all the buses get a good sweep at the end of the night and anything found is sent to Lost Property.

    Sheba: That’s a great story! And what a great roommate you are. Thanks for sharing that.

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