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It’s going to be a ‘green’ Christmas on the Millennium Line!


This is the first test train on the Evergreen Line alignment in Port Moody. The train is travelling from Inlet Centre Station to Moody Centre Station. Courtesy of B.C. Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

BIG NEWS from the province today! I’ll give you two hints just in case the title didn’t resonate.

  1. Ever.
  2. Green.

So, not only is the Evergreen Extension to the Millennium Line going to be open before Christmas, but stations will also be provided with parking for commuters.

This includes 150 new spaces available for transit users at the Lafarge Lake-Douglas Station that are fully funded within the project’s $1.43 billion budget and are on top of the 500 parking spaces outlined in the project’s scope!

What is TransLink doing now?

We here at TransLink are so thrilled with today’s announcement!

We continue to get ready behind the scenes to ensure that customers will have an easy transition right out of the gates.

There’s a lot to do and want to get it right before the extension officially opens.

What about the Mark IIIs?

A few Mark III trains have been on the system since August 18 and will continue to roll out and used where customers need them most.

Read the province’s entire press release here.

Want the latest on Evergreen?
The Evergreen Line Project:
Information in other languages is available at:
Twitter: @TranBC #EvergreenlineBC

Author: Adrienne Coling


  • By Bill, September 8, 2016 @ 12:22 pm

    So with the opening of the Evergreen line, does this mean that Translink will re-visit the three zone fare for buses?

  • By Adrienne Coling, September 9, 2016 @ 10:41 am

    Hi Bill, thanks for your question! I haven’t heard any rumblings of changing the bus structure. However, the entire fare structure is being looked at during our Fare Policy Review that began with phase one in June. You can find more information here:

    Hi Jeremy, Right now, Mark IIIs we have will be used on the busiest line, Expo. That may change in the future when we get more trains or based on ridership on the Evergreen Extension.


  • By Jeremy, September 8, 2016 @ 3:51 pm

    Regarding the Mark IIIs, was there or will there be at least one used for testing on the Evergreen Line?

  • By Elfren Ordanza, September 9, 2016 @ 3:21 pm

    Based on the layout of Metro Vancouver’s future SkyTrain map, I see that there is no point in having the Millennium Line cut at Lougheed and then extend to Lafarge Lake when you can just leave the Millennium Line as it is and combine service from VCC to Lafarge Lake. Calling the Evergreen Line as an “extension of the Millennium Line” sounds very odd. The thing I don’t understand is why Sapperton, Braid, Lougheed Town Centre, and Production Way-University Stations are being converted to the Expo Line. It produces more confusion for people who are travelling from stations like Metrotown for example. It’s already confusing as it is. So why can’t SkyTrain just combine the Millennium and Evergreen Lines from VCC-Clark to Lougheed Station just like the Expo and Millennium Lines combine service from Waterfront to Columbia stations? It’s easier that way overall.

    Picture of the layout:

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