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Take the SkyTrain survey, April 24–May 21, 2017


BCRTC (SkyTrain) has joined the Nova benchmarking group that is operated by the Imperial College in London.

This group is sister to the benchmarking bus group (IBBG) of which CMBC is a member. The purpose of these groups is to share experiences, compare performance, identify best practices and learn from one another in order to improve performance.

Much like the IBBG survey, this survey looks at overall customer satisfaction, service quality, performance and more!

Members of the Nova benchmarking group:

Your feedback is very important and this is a perfect opportunity to weigh in on the SkyTrain service.

The survey will be available from April 24 until May 21, 2017.


Author: Adrienne Coling

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  • By Deanna Chattaway, May 19, 2017 @ 4:29 pm

    There didn’t seem to be a space for comments in the survey itself. I’d like to mention that one of the issues with using transit is transfiguration from one type of transit to another. I would like to see the skytrain lengthened to transverse more of Surrey and eventually include more cities. I’m also concerned that plans for a ground level train in Surrey will lead to accidents involving pedestrians and cars, causing injuries and delays. When I went to the Surrey open house they named several cities with ground level trains that they were following the example of, and I’ve since seen news reports from those same cities mentioning accidents and problems from being at ground level.

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