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SeaBus gets a makeover! An update on rehabilitation work

SeaBus Washrooms

Have you seen SeaBus’s new look? We’re happy to announce the washrooms at SeaBus are now open!

Last October the washrooms at the north and south SeaBus terminals closed to undergo renovations, including significant accessibility improvements. Last week, we celebrated a SeaBus birthday and opened up these brand new washrooms to the public.

As part of the renos, we built separate accessible washrooms and added infant changing tables.

SeaBus Washrooms

The wall and roof replacement at SeaBus is also coming along swimmingly. We’ve replaced the exterior metal cladding and windows on the north terminal on the west berth and the stucco siding on the SeaBus admin building in North Vancouver.

In March, we moved over to the south terminal to start work which will continue into 2018.

We began this project in 2016, replacing the envelopes of all three buildings – essentially the walls and roofs – as they are in poor condition and are no longer working as designed. So, naturally, they need some upgrades and rehab work to keep them safe and functioning for both riders and employees.

Thanks for your patience as we continue maintenance work on our SeaBus buildings.

The wall and roof replacement at the north SeaBus terminal on the west berth.

The wall and roof replacement at the north SeaBus terminal on the west berth is now complete. Work is now underway on the east berth.

Author: Jessica Hewitt 

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